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Swagazine 9  
Winter 2001    SWAGAZINE 9

Illustrations by Megan Kitchen · Poetry by Bill the Cat, Janet Buck, Jim Clark, Ricky Garni, John Horváth, Vera Linn, Mordrak, Lawrence Norton, Psyche, Swagman · Fiction by Aidan Butler, Colin Campbell, Kia, Scott Goodhue, and Zepp.
Swagazine 8  
Winter 2000    SWAGAZINE 8

Bill the Cat, Janet Buck, Aidan Butler, Colin Campbell, Jim Clark, Lenny DellaRocca, Bill Koeb, Allison Landa, Steve Mullett, Lawrence Norton, George Pratt, Swagman, Doug Tanoury, Alex Ward
Swagazine 7  
Winter 1999    SWAGAZINE 7

Mini-Issue Featuring
Cat Poems by Bill the Cat, a new horror story by Aidan Butler, more of Colin Campbell's sci-fi, a short tale by Zeylan, poetry by Swagman, a screenplay by Mr. Pube, and an Andy Lee cover.
Swagazine 6  
Fall 1998    SWAGAZINE 6

Airalin, Bill the Cat, Janet Buck, Colin Campbell, C. Raymond DeCola, Jillian Firth, Seester Rosa Gabriel, Ricky Garni, Island Girl, Liz Kane, Lawrence Norton, Mr, Pube, Psyche, David Sutherland, Swagman, Dire Wolf, Zepp, Zeylan
Swagazine Special 1  
Spring 1998    SWAG SPECIAL 1

Tales of the Asp
Twenty twisted short stories to delight and disturb. From the mind of Aidan Butler.
Swagazine 5  
Winter 1998    SWAGAZINE 5

Airalin, Bill the Cat, Jillian Firth, Elizabeth Germanio, Liz Kane, Luminary Coremaster, Mordrak, Lawrence Norton, A.O'Neil, Psyche, Brian Rhinehart, Swagman, Doug Tanoury, Zepp, Zeylan, and an anonymous submission
Swagazine 4  
SWAGAZINE 4    Summer 1997

Airalin, Colin Campbell, Dee Dreslough, Jillian Firth, Ricky Garni, Philip Greenspun, Richard Miller, Mordrak, Lawrence Norton, Mr. Pube, Bryant Stith, Swagman, Zepp, Zeylan, and an anonymous submission
Swagazine 3  
Winter 1997    SWAGAZINE 3

Airalin, Bill the Cat, Colin Campbell, Code Zero, Kia, Lack of Sleep, David Leston, Mr. Pube, Rogozhin, Sizzle, Bryant Stith, Swagman, Voodoo Slide Rule, Zeylan

Swagazine 2  
SWAGAZINE 2    Summer 1996

Airalin, Amarantheus, ddX, Ephedrina, Murray Headroom, Luminary Coremaster, Mordrak, The Philosophical Wombat, Psyche, Swagman, Yacub, Zeylan
Swagazine 1  
Winter 1994    SWAGAZINE 1

Amarantheus, Colin Campbell, ddX, Luminary Coremaster, Mordrak, Murray Headroom, Psyche, Douglas Seacat, Charlotte Sometimes, Swagman, Zeylan
Lip Think  
LIP THINK    November 1992

Featuring conversation and stories from the most active users in the Santa Barbara telecom community.
Dragon's Breath 2  
April 1992    DRAGON'S BREATH 2

Dragon's Breath Declares War on Sex & Violence. Featuring Cat Poems, Colin's sci-fi, and everything else.
Dragon's Breath 1  
DRAGON'S BREATH 1  September 1991

Featuring selections by the usual gang from town. Includes a special poetry section, Blood Poems.
The Merry Widow  
April 1990    THE MERRY WIDOW

The second installment of Cosmic Charlie, this time centered around the "merry widow".
Cosmic Charlie  
COSMIC CHARLIE    November 1989

Several short stories all focused in some way on a character named Cosmic Charlie.
MiscellanyA swag of "literary" pieces which never made it into any of our magazines, but are still noteworthy in their own way.

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