Swagazine Special Number One
Tales of the Asp
D E L I C I O U S L Y   D I S T U R B I N G   A N D
T W I S T E D   S H O R T   S T O R I E S
B Y   A I D A N   B U T L E R

A Swagazine Special Edition.
Photography by Liz Kane.
Edited by Jim Clark.

1. Introduction, by Liz Kane
2. The Asp's Miraculous Foreskin
3. The Asp's Serenade
4. Feeding the Poor
5. Ode to a Tender Flower
6. The Vanishing Vagina
7. Djini
8. Pain
9. Brain Gel
10. Cannibal Candies
11. The Asp and the Alchemist
12. Mysteroids
13. Wealth
14. The Asp's Favorite Flavor
15. Hippies
16. Nails
17. Dr. Asp
18. The Asp's Gift to Parents
19. Marianne Mack
20. Dead Relatives
21. Lesser Evils
22. Author's Note

ISSN: 1522-7707
Swagazine Special Number 1, Spring 1998.
Copyright 1998, All Rights Reserved.