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SWAGAZINE welcomes comments from our readers. If you would like to post an editorial, write a review, share your opinion or just make a comment, feel free to drop us a line at - Do not send submissions to this address.

From: "J C S"
Wow. I always hated reading online fiction - generally, I hated reading short fiction period, though there were always a few exceptions. A friend of mine sent me a direct link to a story from your back-issue of Dragon's Breath Magazine. I read it, and - intrigued - went on to read everything else in Dragon's Breath. Then I clicked on the "Provided by Swagzine" link, and discovered that you exist. I am in awe. I now have something to DO for the next few days - explore every piece of text on your site. Thanks bunches.

From: Grant Hansen
Hey there, I've been surfing around looking at poetry-related sites because I'm writing reviews for the premiere edition of Web Magazine, and I felt compelled to tell you that your site is one of the better ones I've come across. Needless to say, you'll get a good review...

From: Kitkat
I absolutely loved your poems. they were magnificent. I could feel rage coming from them and i could feel the emotion that was put in to them.

From: Chris Helms
This site is a damn good idea.

From: Morris Tang
very unique, and some writers' stuff are very profound and beyond my expectation. thanks and keep up the wonderful work!!

From: palmer young
this site is seriously interfering with my ability to get things done at work.

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