Merry Widow
by Mike Lawless

Merry Black Widow
by Keith Graham

The Merry Widow
by Jeffrey P. McManus

The Merry Widow
by Bill Wright

The Merry Widow
by Lazarus

White Velvet Dress
by Phenokiie

Dora's Box
by William Doren

The Rise and Fall of My Roommates, and its Applications to Western Society
by Tuberider

The Merry Widow
by P.J. Wolf

The Merry Widow
by Zepp

The Merry Gladiator
by Colin Campbell

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The Merry Widow

The Merry Widow was the second of the Renaissance BBS contests, held in the Spring of 1990.  The enthusiasm for writing stories and poetry, and the uniformly high quality of the results, showed that the first contest was not a fluke.  Santa Barbara BBS users really were committed to quality writing and capable of producing same.

Zepp, the sysop of Renaissance, moved to Northern California the following fall, and the publishing efforts went into the capable hands of Swagman and Colin Campbell over at The Dragon BBS, which ultimately became Swagland. 

In this particular contest, the sole criteria for the stories/poems was that the subject be known, in some way, as The Merry Widow.  As with Cosmic Charlie the Writing 101 gimmick of giving the writers a starting point produced an amazing variety of results. 

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