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Special Issue: Dragon's Breath Declares
War on Sex & Violence

A Not-So-Perfect Santa Barbara Telecom Publication
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1. Dragon's Head ..... by Death Penguin
2. The Night Dracula Awoke ..... by Math Blaster
3. Who Needs a Blender When You Got John? ..... by Newstyle
4. HE2 ICU ..... by JSK
5. The Captured Rainbow ..... by Diablo
6. A Second Coming ..... by Jeff McManus
7. Road War ..... by T1000
8. Breath Entry ..... by Misha
9. The Character Issue in American Politics ..... by Pure Cane Sugar
10. Cat Poems ..... by Bill the Cat
11. Misha K. ..... by Reid Fleming
12. The Girl of the Month Club ..... by Colin Campbell
13. Two College Students in Bed ..... by Earth Shoe
14. Our Best Don't Run ..... by The Bald Man
15. I Think About it Sometimes ..... by Phaedrus
16. Concrete ..... by Swagman
17. Dragon's Tail ..... by Death Penguin

Originally published by Swagman and Colin Campbell.
Online edition designed and edited by Zeylan.

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