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P O E T R Y .

Dead Man Train
A tale about the end of the line.

a little reading nietzsche story
Don't let what you read get away from you.
Ricky Garni

Agent Orange
Nothing stays the same forever.
Bryant Stith

Marilyn, Marilyn, where are you?

Cloudy Days
A quiet observation.
Jillian Firth

Douglas City Garage
Trinity County, Northern California.

Another Spring
"a time I called you 'baby'..."

Juice Dreams
The juice is loose.

You are powerless after all.
Bryant Stith

Last Lie
Sometimes it is hard to say goodbye.

It's not always easy to hold on to.

Dust in my eye
Rainy day, dream away...

The Wind
An ode to the everlasting breeze.
Jillian Firth

an untitled poem
An encounter to remember.
Bryant Stith

Don't ask me
The magic of ordinary experience.
Lawrence Norton

Soft Kiss
Do you dream in color?
Ricky Garni

The Other Night
Doors of perception slam shut (in your face).

P R O S E .

The Carpenter
Not everything is as it seems.
Bryant Stith

One Way Trip
Blast off on a relative star voyage.

Night of the Living Old
A horror story of geriatric proportions.
Mr. Pube

Scenes from the upcoming play.
Bryant Stith

The Appointment
Eavesdrop on a fateful conversation.
Jim Clark

"i killed my god," said the child
Beware the man in the black mask.

The Girl of the Month Club
Good things come in big packages.
Colin Campbell

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