Swagazine #4

Innocence    by Airalin

there's nothing in front of me I can attack
there's nothing I can do
i'm so caught up in you
i just want to shove a needle in your arm
anything to drug you
i'm breathing on your words
hot and cold and sweat and desire
blood and flesh and pain and fire
why'd you have to be temptation?
damn you, fuck you
get thee behind me, satan
i just want to rip myself apart for you
 [Photo by Philip Greenspun] i want you in me
i want you to be hard to me
i want you to force me
use your will and make me
i want too much
too bad you know what i'd do
you're after me now
your head in the lights
coming down hard
god, you put up a fight
struggle for you
in these bonds of my sin
your body is open
i'm bleeding right in
there's nothing i am that isn't you
i've forgotten everything but your teeth
and your skin
wet, naked, stained with blood
don't you know how i'd drown for this world?
there is no rest in this fervent life
no sleep, no thought, no "my"
my name is "yours," my flesh is free
come on in, you're taking me

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Photograph courtesy Philip Greenspun.