Swagazine #4

The Other Night    by Swagman
The other night my imaginary wings
broke free of my shoulders
not so much wings
as just no more shoulders
my floating consciousness slipped
the mooring of my body
and we took the show on the road
feeling like a puff of wind
filling in and lifting
Above me, what another person
might call a flying saucer
what some might call a mandala
what, in fact, might simply be
the porchlight at the door
left on to keep you from stumbling
the first time I saw it
I went through the door effortlessly
the other side was soupy dark
My invisible guide told me
be careful with my imagination
as what I would imagine
will come into being
I thought I was being careful but
I soon found myself about to mount
a woman, fully aroused in earthbound passion
"No! Not here," giggled my guide
as I fell back into the darkness
being taken from this place
"How shall I be more careful?" I asked
"Be more as a dolphin," replied my guide
next instant I was back in my body
back in my bed, struggling to move
to force myself awake. I asked, struggled
wrenched my voice free to beg
my sleeping wife to hold me
to tell me I was awake
she spoke and I opened my eyes
glanced at the clock
it was midnight. I got up
went into the bathroom
looked at myself in the mirror
as if to verify I was really me
what does a dolphin
say to a naked lady

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