Swagazine #4

Another Spring    by Airalin

the tears have gone by like the days that have passed;
i guess this is what life becomes
in those nights hovering between grief and submission
i'm not sure what this town is anymore
just a lot of people passing by
and a perfect blue ocean and a perfect blue sky;
i'm not sure who i am anymore
but i rememer some other spring,
a time i called you "baby"
now i'm sure there's nothing
and i'm insane

so many boys with their pretty blue eyes
and all my windy cliffs;
the whole world is full of people's problems;
there aren't enough words to soothe the beast;
civilization is motivated by emptiness.
daddy, could you get me a sharper knife?
'cause this one isn't working
too many lost souls for me to collect
my arms just aren't that strong

do you have to keep trying?
because life is about walking through
that "damned-if-you-DO" door
it's all about flesh and sweat and pain and heartbreak
and the moments of human connection that string it all together
and make it all worthwhile
because perfection is gained from what you take
why are so many people dying?
i wade thru their blank eyes every day.
a devout christian says to me that the bible says
god will never give you what you can't handle.
he says he thinks this time god made a mistake.
there must be a way through this garden
the gate is black and the lights are out
but i swear there must be a way
through all this savageness and time

to die in blood, and drink your life;
ah, my son, the lambs lie down only then
to sacrifice themselves to the lion.
there was a time when i called you "baby"
before the world blew up in our hands
baby, hold your head high
and your heart in your hands,
my mind in your dreams
i'm so thirsty
i know you're hungry for me
i need to be in your skin
you beg to be on your knees

we're all in front of the gun,
he thinks he needs that trigger
but it goes off anyway.
angels aren't supposed to hide their wings and run.

i don't even know if the old man cares;
tired eyes that have seen so much sin
and, oh baby, we're all dying again

i don't want to walk away
i don't want to leave this perfect boy
fallen leaves in big skies, so many tall buildings
so many intense things i tried

i knew it all once,
sitting on top of the world
and now i just turn myself in shame
because now i have nothing to blame

lie on a bed, beneath this empty sky
dream a little child
take me home with you
because, baby, i'm scared to die


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