Swagazine #3

This Issue's Spotlight Personality is the Author of Time Babe --
colin campbell
"Swagazine 3 looks good. Except of course that my name is not in 72-point neon letters."

Biographical Outtakes

"On my second visit to the hospital as an outpatient after I broke my hip, I was sitting in the bone room waiting area and a doctor came in and asked for Joe Smith, and this kid with casts on both arms and a big scar on his shaved head responded. The doctor looked at the kid and said 'Which arm was broken and which had the torn ligaments?' and the kid said 'Look at my head, Doc, I have no idea what happened that day.'"

"Life is for people who are unable to face drugs. If we are truly free, then we are free to take drugs. I've taken lots of drugs. One time an injection of amoxicillin gave me such a rush that the lymphocytes at the amputation site allowed the surgical team to reattach my fingers. I guess a real American would have relinquished his fingers instead of using DRUGS to artificially enhance his life."

There's more quotes from Colin about his life to peruse at The Santa Barbara BBS Nostalgia Page.



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