Swagazine #3

Sex  by Swagman

safe sex
safety first sex

puritanical sex
premarital sex
young sex

only talking about it sex
oral sex
front porch sex
back seat drive in movie sex
bust a cherry sex
in your dreams sex

self indulgent autoerotic fantasy sex
hetero sex
homo sex
hot tin roof sex
poetic sex
adorational sex

recreational sex
responsible sex
mercy sex
institutionally sanctioned procreational bedroom sex
kitchen table sex
hump my nose jungle rock hothouse sex

phone booth 3:00 am west of Phoenix desert road sex
3 women 2 men everybody all at once sex
wrapped in a blanket
  on a cold night
  only the important
 parts showing sex

every inch every available orifice sex
get a rash for 3 days sex
new lover firstime can't believe it's happening sex
colored condom glow in the dark sex
of course I'm not pretending you're someone else sex
ragged edge go forever sex

airplane bathroom "Occupado" sex
flaccid pointless sex
forgot their name sex
I'll give you three days to get off my face sex
sneak out afterwards sex
wet glue smell like fuck sex

I won't tell if you don't tell sex
only in it for the money sex
of course I'll respect you in the morning sex
standing in a pile of clothes front door sex
lunchtime nooner sex
the kids are watching the Disney channel we won't be bothered sex

fresh after work sex
with the light on sex
stationary sex
kinder gentler sex
one last time for oldtime's sake sex
cosmic oneness whole universe sex

feminine sex
masculine sex
enough sex
forget sex
go to sleep



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