Swagazine #3

White Walled Cell  by Airalin
turn on the light in this my white walled cell
see the filthy rotting gates of my hell
everywhere you go the walls are all spattered with blood
have you found all the ashes swept under this rug

running around and around
on my little rat's wheel
the only feeling i have is what i can steal

lying listless twitching on the floor
a girl's being beaten
splashing blood from the punches
is the source of this horror
can't you see you're breaking your toys
well that's what you get when you belong to a little boy

your spirit is creeping away
violated by sexuality's play
i am just the biggest fool
i am just life's worthless whore
emotion's dirty slut
my marionette strings can't be cut

entrails and tendons bind me to this breath
nothing more than a heart beating sears me into this flesh
how can you explain something that is no words
how can you listen to me when i'm incapable of being heard?!
i don't understand what's light in all this violence
my ears bleed quietly from all this silence
pry shut the coffin in my head
I'll laugh at you when i'm finally dead






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