Swagazine #3

Coils  by Airalin
And so all life
Perception is within my hearing
So I sit down to a blank page
All white with lines of blue sky and a red line of love
But it's all leftevers from the crock of shit life tried to feed me
I stand firm on my ground of value
Airalin drops down from herself creating clouds in the doorway
Sometimes saying things to a computer screen is easier than saying them to
or voice or face
one strives to live without illusion
only to find life itslef not worth living
the mortal paradox no less
and so it is impaled upon me
And I can no longer turn my head away
Funny how darkness is blinding
Interesting how easy it is to wear a mask
logical that others can not face you without a face
so does that make us the gods?
Yes. Yes it does.
And company is all one needs and all one never gets
for you must put on a mask to deal with others without faces but then you
yourself can never find a face when you're wearing a mask
again the mortal paradox
it all leads back to Life
we exist and think and feel and rationalize our universe
therefore we are a paradox
i used to wonder who or what could be so cruel as to give us this ability of
higher thought merely so we could find out that we are nothing
but now i know there's nothing there to show us nothing
we are a paradox but yet we live and die
and so everyday we knowingly self-destruct
that is the Ultimate question
and there is no answer
because there is nothing to answer us
and so all life goes on
and I finish listening to perception



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