Dragon's Breath Magazine, April '92

The Night Dracula Awoke
by Math Blaster, age 8

     One dark, dreary night two men named Fred and Mike went fishing in a lake close by to a forest. They caught 2 bass and 1 salmon.
     They camped in the woods since the town was a two hour drive away. Suddenly, the lightning flashed and the thunder boomed like giant drums. Out of a corner of his eye Fred saw a bat flutter by and disappear behind a cloud. Mike continued making their dinner of fish.
     Suddenly, a very pale man stepped out of the shadows. He introduced himself as Dracula. Mike thought that he had heard that name somewhere before but he couldn't place his finger on it.
     Mike gave Dracula some leftover fish and a sleeping bag. When he saw how Dracula ate the fish he knew where he had heard his name at once. He told Fred all of this and he went to the car to get a hammer and stake. Then he heard a scream. He ran back to the tent and saw Dracula biting Fred on the neck.
     He ran to Dracula and pushed him. Dracula fell on the tent and Mike threw the stake at Dracula's heart. Dracula tried to remove the stake but Mike ran to Dracula and stepped on the stake until Dracula stopped moving.
     He checked Dracula's pulse and found he was dead. (That goes to show what happens if you get someone like Mike really steamed.) Mike helped Fred in and sped away to the hospital.

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