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Doug Tanoury
Lenny DellaRocca
J Andrew Clark
Janet Buck
Bill the Cat
Lawrence Norton
Bill Koeb

George Pratt
Aidan Butler
Steve Mullett
Alex Ward
Allison Landa
Colin Campbell

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He's the team without a short-stop, he's the coach without a dollar; he's the Cat you saw in Nordstrom's with the blinking red-light collar. He's the prologue oozing ices, he's the ending out of tune; he's prey to endless vices, no doubt God will grab him soon. He's the ketchup made from mustard, he's the glutton never fat; his brain is runny custard an they call him Bill the Cat (Cat Poems).

Janet Buck (Cup Hooks, A Letter To a Mother I Never Knew, Unusual Quilts) teaches writing and literature at the college level. Her poetry and poetics have appeared in The Melic Review, The Pittsburgh Quarterly, Kimera, 2River View, Tintern Abbey, Southern Ocean Review, and hundreds of journals world-wide. In 1998 and 1999, she received numerous creative writing awards and been a featured poet for Seeker Magazine, Poetry Today Online, Vortex, Conspire, Poetry Cafe, and many others. Recently she released her first print collection entitled Calamity's Quilt.

Aidan Butler (Blind Love) is a law graduate living in Los Angeles. He has been involved in the creative effort behind Santa Barbara telecom publications since their inception in the late 1980ís. His writing can be seen in almost every Lip Think Press publication to date, and he can often be found posting short fiction in various alt.newsgroups.

Colin Campbell (Slingship Sam) has been writing for and publishing independent magazines in Santa Barbara for over a decade and has been a freelance copywriter in California for twenty years. Before that Mr. Campbell was a senior copywriter at BBDO in Detroit writing radio, TV and print for Dodge cars and trucks.

J Andrew Clark (Uncle Joe, Glass, Adjustment) is a computer engineer living in Santa Barbara, California. When he's not shutting down someone's access to the network he's busy writing poetry, short stories and apology letters. Mr. Clark has been featured under various pseudonyms in Swagazine, Lip Think, Dragon's Breath Magazine, Kimera, The Inditer, Panick Attack Magazine and The Morpo Review. His latest project is to publish a book of rejection letters he's collected over the years.

Originally from Long Island, NY, Lenny DellaRocca (Banister, He's Laughing At You, Joe) has had work in literary journals since 1980 including Having A Wonderful Time, An Anthology of South Florida Writers (Simon & Schuster), Seattle Review, Nimrod, Poet Lore, Wisconsin Review, Chiron Review, Negative Capability, Poem, Sun Dog: The Southeast Review, Gulfstream Magazine, Long Island Quarterly, Maryland Poetry Review and Apalachee Quarterly. A recipient of local, state and national prizes in poetry, DellaRocca founded South Florida's premiere poetry reading, The Electric Chair and Random Acts, a nonlinear performance troupe of interdisciplinary artists. President of the Hannah Kahn Poetry Foundation and a Pushcart Prize nominee, DellaRocca writes for a newspaper. He is married and is owned by two cats.

Bill Koeb (Cover illustration, Boys) is an award winning illustrator and painter. His work has appeared in various publications, including Ray-Gun, Stick, The Village Voice, Marketing Management, Examiner Magazine, and Atlanta. In 1996 he created artwork for the sets of the film The Crow: City of Angels. Bill has illustrated book covers, has written and illustrated comic books, created titles for independent films, and most recently created over a dozen illustrations and photographs for the recent Fireman's Fund Insurance campaign. He maintains an online gallery and is currently working on a series of large paintings and monoprints for an upcoming exhibition.

Allison Landa (Spinning 'Round Again) a 1996 graduate of UC Santa Barbara, found herself priced out of the local housing market after non-student life left her penniless. After a brief sojourn in the Midwest, she's now a reporter in the San Francisco Bay Area and longing for the days of only spending a third of her paycheck on rent.

Steve Mullett (Why Dogs Bark) has had stories published in SlugFest, a South Carolina-based zine, and The Inditer, an e-zine. He works as a copy/layout editor for the Franklin News-Herald and Oil City Derrick in Franklin, Pennsylvania.

Lawrence Norton (The Room) has designed interactive learning environments for MIT's Hypermedia Lab. He has been writing poetry for a few years and is working on combining poetry with various forms of media.

A successful painter, George Pratt (Road) is represented in Baltimore, Maryland by Walter Gomez Gallery and in Houston, Texas by the Jack Meier Gallery. His work is in private collections in the United States, Canada, Europe, India, and Japan and has been exhibited in museums. His first novel, Enemy Ace: War Idyll, DC Comics/Warner Books, has seen four American editions, has been translated into eight languages, was on the required reading list at West Point Military Academy, and has received numerous awards. He also continues to illustrate and design books and book jackets for various publishers, and maintains a web gallery of his work. He currently resides in Chapel Hill, North Carolina with his wife, Meredith, a children's book designer and illustrator.

Swagman (My Dad Died) is the founder of Swagazine and lives in Goleta, California with his wife and three children. When he's not drinking coffee he's wandering around his studio in search of the next color for one of the paintings he's currently got in process.

Doug Tanoury (My Father Dying) grew up in Detroit and still lives in the area. Doug has been published in Writer's Digest, The Pittsburgh Quarterly, Poetry Magazine, Agnieszka's Dowry, Recursive Angel, and others.

Alex Ward (Therapy) has been a member of the Santa Barbara BBS community and a regular writer for Swagazine since 1992. Mr. Ward is an amateur filmmaker and an aspiring screenwriter studying film in California.

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