Winter 2000

Doug Tanoury
Lenny DellaRocca
J Andrew Clark
Janet Buck
Bill the Cat
Lawrence Norton
Bill Koeb

George Pratt
Aidan Butler
Steve Mullett
Alex Ward
Allison Landa
Colin Campbell

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M Y   D A D   D I E D


my dad died in Newbury Park
driving, nodding forward
blinking eyes, almost closing
choking, almost chortling

I talked him in for a landing though
"Ok pop, I got the wheel, brake gently,
let's stop, that's good. It's ok."

car stopped
he's out before me
walking upright

coughing as if to speak
Suddenly his eyes wide
in glimmer of impish grin

"You all right?"
"No!" he whispers
and falls into my embrace

cradling him, as if baptizing a baby
I lay him down slowly
at the side of the road

"Someone get an ambulance." The yell
no sooner from my mouth and
I know I will not need one

he gives me a smile
I wrap him with a bear-hug
refuse to let him go

his face turns cold against my ear
as he slips past my lonesome caterwaul
and I'm left brushing away road dust
clinging to his favorite gray suit

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