O H   W E L L   N O W

Lawrence Norton

Oh well now. These memories convalesce in my mind
Turn grapefruit ripe at their weight
On this tired back
Skin pushed back in the morning's ritual
And the grand scheme that we started
I sit with my back to the sun
My burned skin a graceful curve
To signify what has occurred
These battered hands
Worked a life
Lifted a good boy
I want to be a good
So many nights I sit facing east
So many thoughts arriving from my mistakes
Can I whisper them gone
Can I turn them pink and soft
Her lips pointing at my mistakes
Moving into their place
Has the light faded
Have we missed the point
Masked as it is
Marked woman mine
Misty eyed and desirous
What is this attraction
That's chemical
Is the life I live
The words I've said.
In the morning
An emotion I have forgot
A home to call
Without answer

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Swagazine 9
Winter 2001

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