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A Swagazine Rack Exclusive
Featuring conversation and stories from
the Santa Barbara telecom community.

Welcome to Lip Think.

This is a collection of printouts from the on-line world of modem communications in Santa Barbara. Most of us are high school or college students, or workers in the computer world. Despite what you might have heard, the youth of today are still able to read -- and to write. However, most users spent most of their time downloading pornography (such as at left). Naturally, our contributors are above all that.

Describe it to Me
De Hopduvel
Nausea Pistol
Tech Talk
The Creature and Society
The Fall of Rome
4x4 Rules of the Road
Sisters in Spirit
Quiet Years

Originally published by Swagman and Colin Campbell.
Online edition designed and edited by Zeylan.

Copyright © 1992, 1997 Lip Think Press. All rights reserved.