Swagazine Seven
Lip Edge, by Swagman

When I should be writing
I but meditate

dream of action
contemplate creation
all without words

lost beneath my imagination
feelings of consolation, desolation
fight for dominion

and so my thoughts begin
rushing inexplicably
pure torrential energy

apparently chaotic
in ever differing
harmonious proportion

beginning before me
existing outside of me
as if I have nothing to do with it

at the same time
I am deep inside
unremovable from the flow

there are others
each in their own
they who dwell in mine and I in theirs

my parents, their parents,
their parent's parents
extending endless unbroken chain
back to the beginning
coalescent........... hot............ wet
ball of cosmic dust, Gaia
Mother Earth herself

instant ignition
holy fire............. our own sunstar
but one of countless stars
our galaxy, but one of countless galaxies

vast expanse of space
density spread thin
more void than form
empty, distant, far reaching

outer frontier
edge of existence
event horizon of creation
look out at all the stars
wonder if
we look out
into our own minds

our inner and outer life woven
in a Mobius band
along creation's horizon

Out there
in here

on the horizon
at the origin

we begin
and end

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Swagman is the founder of Swagazine and lives in Goleta, California with his wife and three children. When he's not drinking coffee he's wandering around his studio in search of the next color for one of the six paintings he's currently got in process.


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