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Airalin Bowman
Airalin attends Lewis and Clark College in Oregon. A former resident of Santa Barbara, she is a regular contributor to Swagazine and can often be found online at the local BBS hangouts.   [Page 14.]

Bill the Cat
If you wanna meet with Bill, you gotta bring some drugs, whether pot, or booze, or pills, or powder of dead bugs. If he ain't a little high, he simply can't relate; nothin's worse than bein dry, cause brain-waves dissipate. You might say he's lost his wits, and doomed to live in dark, but all it takes is five good hits, an Bill regains his spark.   [Page 7.]

Janet I. Buck
Janet Buck teaches writing and literature at the college level. Her essays and poetry have appeared in The Recursive Angel, The Melic Review, Conspire, Gravity, Poetry Motel, New Thought Journal, The Artful Mind, Medicinal Purposes, Mind Fire, 2Rivers View, Allegory, Kimera, The Oracular Tree, Green Cross, Moonshade Magazine, The Poetís Edge, Ariga, Seeker, Asylem, Woven Soles, The Free Cuisinart, Pif, The Waterloo Review, Illyaís Honey, Fires of Autumn, Ygdrasil, Ascent, Indie Journal, Orbital Revolution, Flaming Flag, Calliope, In Motion, Idling, Poetfest, and dozens of other periodicals. Janetís poetry sites on the web have received more than thirty awards, including the distiguished Predators and Editors: Authorís Site of Excellence and The Circle of the Muses Award of Inspiration. "Writing," she says, "is a tuba in a long parade that chases pain and sorrow to its dissolution."   [Page 9.]

Colin Campbell
Colin Campbell, founding editor of Swagazine, was an advertising writer and associate editor of Santa Barbara Magazine until he was hit by a bolt of lightning from a Macintosh. Today he converts graphics into electrons in Silicon Valley.   [Page 17.]

C. Raymond DeCola
(Aidan Butler)
Aidan Butler lives in Los Angeles, and sells his homemade soups to tourists in MacArthur Park. He graduated from law school last May, and plans to spend the rest of his life battling the city over a parking ticket he received in 1995. Aidan still has no idea who Jean Harlow was.   [Pages 10, 16.]

Jillian Firth
Jill Firth is a 38-year old poet from Cameron Park, California. She and husband Paul Firth, a real estate agent, recently adopted three children: Richard, 5, Anthony, 4, and Mary Michelle, 2. Two earlier adoption efforts fell through.   [Page 5.]

Seester Rosa Gabriel
Seester Eloise Rosa Gabriel waits for the End Times five minutes from Disneyland in The Palace of Jackals, a convent for the 21st Century in Anaheim, California.   [Page 13.]

Ricky Garni
Ricky Garni is a wine merchant living in North Carolina who specializes in german wines and champagne. He has two sons, age 14 and 1. Mr. Garni has devoted a good portion of his life to writing, and has a number of small books that he is willing to share with any interested parties.   [Page 2.]

Island Girl
(Marjolijn Tice)
"Spending the rest of my life as I have been with my best friend and lover, Swagman. Eighteen years later and I am still on my honeymoon while we share a room, our art studio, sometimes with visits of the kids or dogs. We have created our space to continue with our art where ever it goes, whatever emotions it stirs. Just to continue to be creative and grow in a Zen like life together."   [Pages 18-27.]

Liz Kane
Liz Kane is a system analyst/programmer by day and an artist/writer by night. She lives in Philadelphia. When her employers aren't watching, Liz tends to photograph her city and paint her obsessions. Her photography is scattered throughout this issue.   [Pages 2, 3, 6, 10, 13, 15, 16.]

Lawrence Norton
After being kicked out of high school, Lawrence moved to Boston where he designed interactive learning environments for MIT's Hypermedia Lab. He spends most of his spare time hanging around in the mountians, talking to himself, practising Zen and the art of photography. He has been writing poetry for a few years and is trying to find some way of combining poetry to various forms of media to see what happens.   [Page 6.]

Psyche lives in Santa Cruz with her weird friends. She has written for several issues of Swagazine, and every now and then she can be found in Santa Barbara telecom on one of the BBS systems.   [Page 3.]

Mr. Pube
(Alex Ward)
Mr. Pube has been a member of the Santa Barbara BBS community since 1992. He is 18 years old and is currently studying film at UC Berkeley. Pube is an amateur filmmaker and an aspiring screenwriter; he hopes to one day grow up and become Quentin Tarantino. Other contributions from Mr. Pube appear in Swagazine 3 and 4.   [Page 15.]

David Sutherland
David's work has appeared in The Hollins Critic, The Northern Michigan Journal, The American Literary Review and The Reader (Oxford University). David serves as lead editor for a publication called Recursive Angel and has a recent collection of work, Between Absolutes available by illiterati of Alexandria, Virginia, which has received glowing reviews from The Washington Square Review, Poet's Edge and others.   [Page 8.]

(Billy Tice)
Swagman, our founding father, lives in Goleta with his wife Island Girl and his three kids, Math Blaster, Summer and Little Rascal. When he's not drinking coffee he's wandering around his studio in search of the next color for one of the six paintings he's currently got in process. Or he'll go online simply to argue with Zeylan about which one of them owes the other pizza.   [Page 1.]

Dire Wolf  
Dire Wolf is a professional comic book artist and writer. Wolf lends his talents to the cover image and page feathers in this issue.   [Cover.]

(Bryan Jamieson)
Zepp lives on the slopes of a world-famous holy volcano in Northern California that shall, for reasons of national security, not be identified at this time. He was born and occasionally raised in an anonymous large, cold country to the north of the United States, which may explain, in large measure, his unhealthy fixation on frozen white chocolate candy bars. He reports that to the best of his intermittant knowledge, he never voted for Chester, Alan, or Arthur. Zepp writes because blank computer screens annoy him.   [Page 12.]

Zeylan is a computer nerd from California. One of his biggest pet peeves is writing about himself in the third person.   

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