Swagazine #2

In This Issue . . .
  1. And each October afternoon I spend with you, Brother, by Psyche
  2. A Boy And His Dog, by Luminary Coremaster
  3. a black door set on creaky hinges, by Mordrak
  4. a short story., by Amarantheus
  5. Passenger, by Jim Clark
  6. The Trip, by Yacub
  7. The Allegory of the Moment, an Anonymous submission
  8. definition please, by Mordrak
  9. HITORI, by Airalin
  10. The Ballad Of A Great Scot, by Murray Headroom
  11. Similarities and Differences, by The Philosophical Wombat
  12. untitled, by Amarantheus
  13. Foobar, by Dark Doctor X
  14. A Day In The Life of Somebody, by Luminary Coremaster
  15. Moon, by Airalin
  16. Blinkeye The Clown, by The Philosophical Wombat
  17. loss, by Amarantheus
  18. Words, by Jim Clark
  19. The Subspy, by The Philosophical Wombat
  20. Plague of Frogs, by Murray Headroom
  21. Timerant, by Swagman
  22. suffix disconnect, by Zeylan

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