Dragon's Breath Magazine, September '91

An illusion by Island Girl

      The warmth captured within invisible polymer walls. One side maintained under constant scrutiny by electronics. Reading and adjusting accordingly. Another soaking and retaining only necessities while shielding changes from the outside so as not to effect changes from within.
      Unconditional from spirits free flowing between the walls uncertain of the conflicting powers overtaking old natural laws and fighting what is natural and true. Constant conflict yet death overpowers both. Neither can exist yet this condition persists to survive and yet not grow. Death is endorsed but just about no new addition. That is controlled due to the conditions within.
      Spirits will have no want of the conditional controls yet they are drawn stronger and required to exists in both equally in limited ways. Time is not required, time is a ever present harmony of what is to exist and the oncoming end and it is this that tempers the spirits.
      One such spirit, Icon, wants part in this. The enormous strength that this would provide for pleasure. Icon can't resist the pleasure surmounting within this very special place. Reserved as a place of worship but no god placed the air within with any intent or purpose for which it was designed. The challenge that this would present and the war that was to begin was never present until now. Before Icon, there was only the challenge and now before Icon was the white kings first pawn open. Black kings move...
      Icon knew the passion was burning more fiercely now. The encapsulation of these separate environments was strongly inviting. Icon wanted most of all to feel the control and power like a god and for this passion he would have to battle the war of power and the possibility of all lost to be overthrown by any of these separate environments to those of the Seekers. Those who send the electronic impulses, they hold the control and somehow he would have to control them to perfect the environments in which he would have to survive.
      The Seekers were compiling the last of the inventory and storing it very carefully. In the next hour the sealing would begin and nothing would be allowed to enter or exit for two years. If anything should die in any of the environments, it will remain in frozen suspension so as it could be studied for causes, and likewise if anything should be borne it must struggle for a place within. The Seekers have accounted for everything within the foundation down to most every DNA however they were blind to the spirit of Icon. Icon as well was blind to their spirits.
      Temperatures were rising more quickly this early morning. Already the lizards scurried along from rock to rock resting in the shade before the tasting senses of their flicking tongues would make them race for cover, it could have been Icon. Icon moved in more closely now. The entrance to the storage warehouse doors were wedged open to accept the final shipment in. These doors would be sealed as all the other doors had been. The tally final, Seekers pushing buttons that control the doors click into place. Icon flings out in all capacity that he can hold a final breath of unconditioned air and breathes inward the first breath of control. It moved within him like cold icy water. Much too cold to taste and giving nothing.
      Being very careful with his movements, waiting for any detection or alarm of his passing through he embraces everything within. Everything is already producing, growing and giving from within these very walls. The delicacy from which everything was plucked from and sterilized begins new transmissions and develops new connections to form new homes. Icon shakes from the slavery to make sure his are genuinely rebellious and ready for war. The first encounter could be costly and he would prepare with a defiant and war like presence.
      A Seeker awaiting in the damp and green chamber of growth is aware of the spinal throb from the joints shooting upward to his brain. Quickly and with his mind still fixed on the experiment he was performing starts taking second looks from the shadowed fields of his vision. Staring at the irrigated puddle at himself he has doubts but then the root hairs pull tight and makes out in the reflection on the puddle the Icon. Hesitating and with arm gestures he knows it's no longer just his reflection but that of another. Icon makes his presence known.
      "Seeker? You can't keep me out of any of your sealed chambers of life cycles. I can be of great comfort to you."
      "It's far to early for me to start talking to myself. I've only just started sealing the outermost doors."
      "But you called out for the war yourself!" Icon is getting a smirk smile out of this Seeker.
      "You can honor me knowing that you were the first to call upon me."
      "But we have no war here? And I honor no one!"
      "You started it yourselves, Seeker?"
      "I am a Seeker?"
      "Yes, and I am Icon. The one you omitted into this makeshift environment of control yet you cannot continue without me."
      "What makes you so sure I need you?"
      "Life has been given here and with life the power to control. I come to control, and possess the power of life."
      "You make me talk to you as if you were here. Yet I know you do not exist."
      "Then neither will you exist here."
      Icon merges his breath with this Seeker. The Seeker screams and throws his body around thrashing himself while the Icon takes the Seekers spirit in both hands and molds it into a small pea sized kernel and tosses it into the experiment in which the Seeker was performing.
      "There now I have you breeding the spirit of contradiction and dishonor and so you do me great homage."
      Icon leaves the chamber and continues on for Seekers.

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